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"Discover the Secrets: How 3 Simple Decisions Transformed My Career Path."

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* Career - Build Your Brand Career
* Paisa - Vitamin M, Who Doesn't Want?

It's not just a Career, It's a Life Line!

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#1 Career Transformation

Revitalizing New Professional Journeys: Empowering Early-Career Transitions with Lasting Transformation

"Attention!!! 16 to 30-year-olds!

Unleash the Hero Within Find "U" in "YOU" Your Growth is our goal

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#2 Book Writing

Your Gateway to Success
First Page to Self-Publish


Writing a book can boost your Authority as an entrepreneur, mentor, or coach.
 It shows credibility, builds your brand, and offers new opportunities.

 "The world needs quality books, and you can write one".

#3 Passiontech

Crafting Stress-Free Social Media Experiences


Build Your First 1000 Followers and
Generate Leads Effortlessly!"

Automate Your Contents and Save Time

AI Marketing

Meet your coach : Akhilesh Telkar

In a passionate pursuit of unlocking human potential through creativity, I am a seasoned author and mentor for writers, specialising in crafting unique life guides like the acclaimed books

*Find "U" in "YOU" based on Self discovery
*See "U" in "YOU" based on the topic Passion, Career & Paisa
*"Write Like Pro" - 30 secrets of best selling Authors for aspiring book writers

With a strong presence as an Author, and a dedicated Book Writing Mentor, I thrive as a content writer ghostwriter, and AI Marketer empowering others in their journey towards passion, career, and financial success.
I envision creating a world filled with happy authors whose books transform lives and inspire change.

Let's Create a Beautiful World Together :)

"Attention!!! 16 to 30 year-olds!
"Discover the Secret: How I Rescued 10 Years of My
Career with Just 6 Simple Steps."

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