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"Discover the Secret: How to Rescue 10 Years of your Career with Just 3 Simple Steps."

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"Experience See "U" in "YOU": Redefine Your Journey β€” Uncover Passion, Shape Career, Achieve Financial Success with 21 Power-packed Activities! πŸ“˜πŸš€"

Success Wisdom: What You'll Learn from This BookπŸŒˆπŸ’Ό


How to Find Your Passion

"Discover Your Passion, Unleash Your Purpose!"


How to Build Your Brand Career

"Build Your Brand Career: Unleash Your Professional Potential!"


Paisa - Who Doesn't Want

"Unlock the Secrets to Financial Success: Make Lots of 'Paisa'!"

Major Topics Covered Inside This BookπŸ’Ž
Six Steps to See "U" in "YOU"

  • Skill Narrowing: Limiting skills to early career choices restricts adaptability in a dynamic job market.
  • Passion Oversight: Ignoring personal passion for perceived stability can result in a lackluster career.
  • Networking Neglect: Disregarding networking opportunities impedes crucial professional connections.
  • Risk Aversion: Succumbing to the fear of failure limits the pursuit of passion and potential career growth.
  • Soft Skills Oversight: Prioritizing technical over soft skills creates professional gaps.
  • Learning Stagnation: Sticking to familiar career paths discourages continuous learning, hindering professional development.

True StoryπŸ”πŸŽ“


Akhilesh Telkar is an Indian author who has written Find "U" in "YOU" and See "U" in "YOU"
πŸ“šAcknowledged with the prestigious "Best Excellence Award" πŸ† for his remarkable achievements.
Raised by a single mother since his father's departure at eight, his mother becomes everything to him.

16th -20th Year  Struggler, 🌊
20th -30th Year  Soldier, βš”οΈ
30th -40th Year  Hunter 🏹

From being lost and unsure of what to do next in their Career - Find how the Author finds his place in this World.
The journey from being unable to communicate well in English to becoming a Bestselling Author
From not knowing what to do to having a mission of transforming 1 Million lives!
Today, the author is living proof that you can unlock your potential and reap success by embracing your true calling and following your passion. The author uncovered his love for writing and storytelling through self-reflection and exploration.


The "Outstanding Performance" category was Given a Star Award at Passionpreneur Connect 2022 🌟

WriteInfluence Award Achieved! Ranked TOP 2 in Season Five 2023 for "Literature Piece - See 'U' in 'YOU'". πŸ†πŸ“š


Akhilesh Telkar


What Our Readers Say About 


Gaurav Jaiswal -   Book Reviewer


Verified Purchase : "See U in You" by "Akhilesh Telkar" is an insightful and inspiring book that delves into the important topic of aligning passion with one's career. In this book the author takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, offering practical advice, engaging anecdotes, and thought-provoking activities to help individuals identify their true passions and create a fulfilling career path. The author also provides a comprehensive framework for readers to identify their passions and map out their career goals. The author also addresses common obstacles and challenges individuals may encounter on their journey toward aligning passion and career.

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Om sen - Book Reviewer


"See U in You is a compelling book that offers profound insights into the importance of self-awareness and purpose. Akhilesh Telkar provides practical guidance on how to discover one's true calling and leverage it for success. The book is well-structured, making it easy to follow and implement the author's advice. Telkar's writing style is relatable and inspiring, and his words resonate deeply with readers. I found this book to be both motivating and enlightening, and I believe it has the potential to positively impact the lives of many."

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Rashmi Prasanna - Data Analyst


This book "See U in You" is a great read due to the sheer simplicity of the narrative that transcends age barriers, effectively guiding readers towards the path of success. It’s simple and relatable communication style makes it accessible to a wide audience. The book offers an open and honest narrative of his life, sharing his challenges and how he tackled them, making it a compelling read.
It provides a comprehensive approach to uplifting individuals in life. The use of illustrations, quotes, and a step-by-step process for finding one's passion is highly beneficial. He emphasizes mastering 21st-century skills, such as digital marketing, marketing, and leadership. The book becomes exceptional through its illustrations of taking action, shifting frequencies, transforming beliefs, and fostering an attitude of gratitude.

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Dr. Dhanshree Perla -Dentist


β€œI loved this book!! It had many great tips that anyone would find valuable for learning about Finding a Passion, Building a Brand Career and about financial abundance. It was an easy read and I would recommend everyone

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Frequently Asked Questions


How will I benefit from reading "See "U" in "YOU"?

"See U in YOU" is your key to a transformative journey β€” unlocking your passion, shaping your career, and achieving financial success. With 21 practical activities, this unique life guide empowers your self-discovery. Whether you seek career clarity, passion pursuit, or financial prosperity, the book provides invaluable tools for personal and professional growth. It's more than a guide; it's your catalyst for self-realization and accomplishment.


Whom is this book for?

"See U in YOU" is your guide to a transformative journey. Tailored for those feeling lost in their career, lacking passion, or uncertain about their path, this book is a guiding light for a brand new chapter. With step-by-step activities, it helps unlock your unique potential, build a brand career, and amass the wealth you desire. If you're tired of the ordinary, this is your roadmap to personal and professional evolution.


What happens after reading the book?

"See U in YOU" sparks a profound transformation in your mindset, career, and financial outlook. Gain clarity on your passion, learn to build a brand career, and unlock financial success. The 21 practical activities guide you step-by-step, breaking free from limitations, reprogramming old beliefs, and unleashing your full potential. As you implement the lessons, become unstoppable in pursuing your goals. "Beyond guidance, it's your ignition for a future of control, passion, and financial success."


How to get clarify doubts, questions?

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2023 Self Published Book Indian Author for See "U" in"YOU"πŸŒŸπŸ“˜

Literary Awards exclusively for Self-published Indian Author -season V appreciation certificate for brilliance in Crafting literary piece titled See "U" in "YOU"

4.9 stars on Amazon

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4.9 Stars Rating on Amazon

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